About us

About us

As a strategically important company in Hungary with over 50 years of experience, NISZ provides telecommunication and IT services to the government and public administration sector. These include the provision of landline and mobile telephone services, as well as the supply of telecommunication and IT-infrastructure facilities. In addition, NISZ offers a comprehensive range of related services, such as the operation and maintenance of IT and telecommunication devices and peripherals. 

With our subscribed capital of HUF 22 billion, nearly 1000 employees and three subsidiary companies, we aim at providing premium services to 155 institutions nationwide. The operations and activities of NISZ are primarily defined and regulated by government decrees.



Through the National Telecommunications Backbone Network (abbreviated ‘NTG’ in Hungarian) we provide VoIP services with call options towards public telecommunication networks.


We oversee and handle the IT background required for the operation of central governmental institutions. The former island-like IT structures gradually undergo a step-by-step process of transformation and merge into a centralized IT system, supporting the ongoing nationwide consolidation of the governmental IT and telecommunication services.

Within the framework of these services, we are in charge of the procurement of IT devices, full-scale device management, we support the relocation and migration of users and we make sure that the various devices are upgraded whenever it becomes necessary.


The National Telecommunications Backbone Network was designed and constructed with the specific requirements of the government and public administration in mind. The high availability-rate of the backbone network is ensured by several redundant optical rings. 


This service provides the institutions with cloud-based IT infrastructure services (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service).


Mobile networks and web applications are the new ways of communication our society depends on to a great extent. Not surprisingly, the development and implementation of public electronic services are becoming a top priority.

One-stop service portal – hungary.hu

Hungary.hu is the place to start when citizens or businesses wish to inquire about public authorities and e-government services in Hungary. This website offers online services on a one-stop basis and thanks to the continuous development and upgrades, more and more services are becoming gradually available.

Citizens and Business Portal

For citizens and businesses, the implementation of e-government services makes everyday life much easier. The wide variety of services available online, such as online tax refund, application for educational institutions or requests for criminal record certificates save time and eliminate bureaucracy. As an integral part of hungary.hu, the Citizens and Business sub-site offers a wide range of services, of which the most popular one is the online tax reporting service. The site contains an exhaustive list of application- and reporting forms, all categorized and searchable. Many of these forms can be downloaded, filled in then forwarded online to the appropriate public institution. The process is supported by a useful tool that provides the user with relevant information on completing the form, then runs a check on the completed form to spot inconsistencies or typing errors. The form is then encrypted and sent through a secure channel to the institutes.

Public Authorities Portal

Another primary objective of the e-government development is to make public authorities accessible online, thus enabling them to send and receive electronic documents, process forms submitted by citizens, businesses and public institutions.


As a result of the evolution in information culture, an ever-widening circle of the society has started using info-communication devices in their daily routine. This has also led to the growing demand for getting in touch with governmental bodies using online platforms. NISZ plays a major role in realizing a wide range of nationwide IT and e-government development projects financed by both the European Union and the Hungarian Government. NISZ’s activities and responsibilities range from project management to technical planning, system integration as well as system operations.