About us

As a result of the evolution in information culture, an ever-widening circle of the society has started using info-communication devices in their daily routine. This has also led to the growing demand for getting in touch with governmental bodies using online platforms.

As a strategically important player in Hungary, NISZ Group provides telecommunication, IT and e-government services. With 2000 full-time employees, three subsidiaries and a subscribed capital of HUF 22 billion, NISZ Group operates the most secure critical networks of the Hungarian Government, as well as provides info communication services for 300 public institutions nationwide. These include the provision of landline and mobile telephone services, as well as the supply of telecommunication and IT-infrastructure facilities. In addition, NISZ offers a comprehensive range of related services, such as the operation and maintenance of IT and telecommunication devices and peripherals. 

The operations and activities of NISZ are primarily defined and regulated by government decrees. The company plays a major role in realizing a wide range of nationwide IT and e-government development projects financed by both the European Union and the Hungarian Government. NISZ’s activities and responsibilities range from project management to technical planning, system integration as well as system operations.